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                              1. ArchNewsNow

                                Today’s News - Tuesday, March 24, 2020

                                红桃棋牌官网 historian and biographer Baker re: "Making Federal Buildings Beautiful Again" draft proposal - it "repeats as mantras the four pillars" of Moynihan's 1962 guidelines: "federal buildings 'must provide dignity, enterprise, vigor and stability.' But who is to say when a building expresses dignity or stability, much less enterprise and vigor?" (Latrobe would have none if it!)

                                红桃棋牌官网 "the origins of sustainable design in the U.S." in honor of the 30th anniversary of the AIA COTE Committee: "It is time to reflect on the pioneers who took up the cause when few others would," and "laid out all the issues that still challenge the industry today."

                                 x 2: "The world's most innovative companies of 2020 in architecture."

                                红桃棋牌官网 of "the 10 most innovative urban development and real estate companies of 2020 transforming our built environment, from 3D-printed homes to turning parking lots into underground farms - and cemeteries that are actually forests."

                                红桃棋牌官网COVID-19 news continues:

                                 GSD's Forsyth on the role planning and design plays in a pandemic, "COVID-19's impact on the future of urban life," and the important questions raised "for future research and practice."

                                 take on "what COVID-19 teaches us about resilience - this pandemic may give rise to the power and value of local sourcing."

                                 of sourcing: A deep dive into how coronavirus shipping delays are slowing down projects "as materials from overseas become harder to get," and "domestic sources may not be so easy to line up overnight."

                                 at what's going on in Europe, and "the potential sources of hope amidst the terrifying gloom" - though the "twin Covid-19 and climate change disaster threats could break many countries' abilities to support their industries."

                                红桃棋牌官网 Oscar's fascinating take on why photos of empty public spaces are so impactful: "Our attraction to images of the world without us reveals a collective fascination for the apocalypse or, perhaps, extinction" (similar to "ruin porn").

                                 "September 11 changed the world, and not necessarily for the better. This time, as we adapt to life with COVID-19, let's aim for improvement" - and "keep fighting for a more healthy, resilient, just society. Architects are good at it."

                                红桃棋牌官网 it home from Australia just as the coronavirus was taking hold: "Like London, Melbourne's recent skyline is atrocious, made of gimmicky glass towers delivered in both cities by much the same cohort. Which only goes to show that this junk is global."

                                红桃棋牌官网 talks to "architects and designers in U.S. cities under siege" re: "how they are running their practices from a distance" ("we're going to start to miss real 'face time' pretty quickly").

                                 a great list of tips and resources for architects now working at home "that can help you find your feet, restore your confidence, and activate your imagination" ("limit your news diet") - and some global firms weigh in on how they're coping.

                                 tips for "maintaining business continuity with a remote workforce: Empower your team; get everyone the right hardware & software; own up to mistakes if they're yours, or be empathetic to those who make them" - and more.


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