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                              Venice Gift Guide for the Venetophile in your life!

                              Many Venetian artisans and small businesses suffered extensive damages in the unprecedented acqua alta flooding in November, so when you invest in their creativity, you are helping them to repair, restart, and recover.

                              By JoAnn Locktov
                              December 18, 2019

                              Editor’s note: JoAnn Locktov is the publisher of theDream of Venicetrilogy of photography books about Venice as a contemporary living city.



                              1. Give the gift of legendary lamp-work beads, handcrafted by Alessia Fuga on the island of Murano. Or book a class and learn to make your own. 


                              2. Give the gift of Venice through the eyes photographer Fabio Bressanello. Or sign up for a photo walk with Fabio when you come to Venice.


                              3. Give the gift of Venetian vision, OTTICA URBANI has designed handcrafted glasses since 1953. Yes, that's Carlo Scarpa wearing the Tondo glasses.

                              4. Give the gift of Venetian exuberance with the hand-painted textiles of .


                              5. Give the gift of knowledge with an e-course from La Venessiana. History, legends, market walks, videos, recipes – this collection of e-books will teach you about the heritage and culture of Venice from the profound perspective of Venetians Iris Loredana and Lina, her 97 year old beloved nonna who has been studying the art of Venetian cooking since 1945.

                              6. Give the gift of modern Murano glass jewelry made by Perlamadre Design using closely-guarded glass-making secrets.

                              7. Give the gift of Burano, Italy, seen through the eyes of photographer Maurizio Rossi.

                              8. Give the gift of legendary luxury with a handcrafted velvet tote bag from the weaving workshop of Tessiture Bevilacqua Venezia, founded in 1875.


                              9. Give the gift of precious ceramics, lined in gold from Danghyra.

                              10. Give the gift of Venetian hospitality; greet your guests with a quintessential hand-forged doorknocker from the Valese foundry.

                              11. Give the gift of Venetian sculpture with a hand-carved fórcola (gondola oarlock) from Il Forcolaio Matto di Piero Dri, the youngest remer (oar craftsman), a trade that began in 1307.


                              12.  Give the gift of contemporary graphic design with a silk-screened poster from Small Caps.


                              13. Give the gift of Venetian decadence with chocolate from VizioVirtù Cioccolateria. 


                              14. Give the gift of handmade wearable art (and more!) from Raffaella Brunzin.

                              15. Give the gift of a whirling Dervish vase, from the architectural minds of KANZ Architetti Design Studio.

                              16. Give the gift of illumination with a Fortuny lamp, handcrafted in Venice and inspired by Mariano Fortuny (1871-1949).


                              17. Give the gift of restoration with a membership to Fondazione Querini Stampalia Venezia.

                              (Editor's note: See: "Scarpa and Botta Interventions Severely Damaged in Venice Floods: Fondazione Querini Stampalia initiates fundraising for restoration of its architectural and cultural treasures," by JoAnn Locktov, on gsqeg8w.icu.)


                              18. Give the gift of anonymity with a mask from Ca' Macana.

                              19. Give the gift of adventure, book a private "Arts & Crafts" tour with Luisella Romeo’s See Venice guided tours meet the finest Venetian artisans and learn about their process.


                              20. Give the gift of 15th century romance with a tabarro (cape) and il cappello di “Ezra Pound” from Tabarro San Marco.


                              JoAnn Locktov is the publisher of the Dream of Venice trilogy, including Dream of Venice Architecture. A portion of the proceeds from every book sold is donated to Fondazione Querini Stampalia. See Saxon Henry’s “Raw Elegance in Black and White: Q&A with JoAnn Locktov” on gsqeg8w.icu, an interview about the final book in the trilogy, Dream of Venice in Black and White.


                              Also by Locktov on ArchNewsNow: Scarpa and Botta Interventions Severely Damaged in Venice Floods: Fondazione Querini Stampalia initiates fundraising for restoration of its architectural and cultural treasures.

                              (click on pictures to enlarge)

                              Alessia Fuga

                              1. Alessia Fuga handcrafted glass beads

                              Fabio Bressanello

                              2. Striking images by photographer Fabio Bressanello

                              OTTICA URBANI

                              3. OTTICA URBANI has designed handcrafted glasses since 1953 (Carlo Scarpa wearing Tondo glasses)

                              Helene Ferruzzi

                              红桃棋牌官网4. Helene Ferruzzi hand-painted textiles

                              La Venessiana

                              5. La Venessiana collection of e-books about the heritage and culture of Venice

                              Perlamadre Design

                              红桃棋牌官网6. Perlamadre Design modern Murano glass jewelry

                              Maurizio Rossi

                              7. Dramatic photographs by Maurizio Rossi

                              Tessiture Bevilacqua Venezia

                              红桃棋牌官网8. Tessiture Bevilacqua Venezia weaving workshop offers handcrafted velvet tote bags and more


                              9. Danghyra ceramics lined in gold


                              10. Valese foundry offers hand-forged doorknockers and more

                              Piero Dri

                              11. Il Forcolaio Matto di Piero Dri offers hand-carved fórcola (gondola oarlock) hand carved by Dri, the youngest remer (oar craftsman) in Venice

                              Small Caps

                              12. Small Caps publishes contemporary silk-screened posters

                              VizioVirtý Cioccolateria

                              13. VizioVirtù Cioccolateria chocolates (Venetian decadence at its best)

                              Raffaella Brunzin

                              红桃棋牌官网14. Raffaella Brunzin handmade wearable art

                              KANZ Architetti

                              15. KANZ Architetti Design Studio offers architectural decorative accessories (Dervish vase pictured), lighting, and tableware


                              16. Fortuny lamps handcrafted in Venice

                              Fondazione Querini Stampalia

                              17. Fondazione Querini Stampalia membership will help with the restoration of the flood-damaged cultural complex (including interventions by Carlo Scarpa and Mario Botta)

                              Ca' Macana

                              红桃棋牌官网18. Ca' Macana Venetian masks handmade from papier-mâché using classic techniques

                              Luisella Romeo

                              19. Luisella Romeo’s See Venice guided tours include "Arts & Crafts" tour of some of the finest Venetian artisans

                              Tabarro San Marco

                              20. Tabarro San Marco offers a range of tabarri (capes) and cappelli (hats - "Ezra Pound" pictured)

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