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                          Words That Build by Norman Weinstein

                          An exclusive 21-part series published by ArchNewsNow that focuses on the overlooked foundations of architecture: oral and written communication.

                          By Norman Weinstein
                          January 26, 2025

                          Words That Build by Norman Weinstein


                          Norman Weinstein writes about architecture and design for Architectural Record, and is the author of “Words That Build” – an exclusive 21-part series published by gsqeg8w.icu – that focuses on the overlooked foundations of architecture: oral and written communication. He consults with architects and engineers interested in communicating more profitably; his webinars are available from ExecSense. He can be reached at .


                          More Weinstein: From Ada to Zaha and Everything In Between: Op-eds, book reviews, musings, and debate



                          WORDS THAT BUILD: Communicating Architectural Edges

                          Tip 21: Write about meaningful circulatory patterns of light by personifying the interplay of architecture and light
                          http://gsqeg8w.icu/features/Feature314.htm - December 3, 2009


                          WORDS THAT BUILD: Offer an Opening Statement That Frames a Broad Vista

                          Tip 20: The aim of an opening statement is to open door to dialogue rather than to persuasively hook another into compliance with your message
                          http://gsqeg8w.icu/features/Feature312.htm - November 3, 2009


                          WORDS THAT BUILD: Communicate to Clients an Evolving Perspective Rather than a Fixed Clarity about Projects

                          Tip 19: Choose words and phrases that depict your architecture as mysterious promise as well as known product
                          http://gsqeg8w.icu/features/Feature308.htm - October 7, 2009


                          WORDS THAT BUILD: Introduce Words that "Float" into the Flow of Communications with Clients

                          Tip 18: Replace prescriptive words and phrases etched in stone with language reflecting collaborative project in flux
                          http://gsqeg8w.icu/features/Feature304.htm - September 9, 2009


                          WORDS THAT BUILD: Work with Clients to Develop Plans That Place Human/Spatial Relationships First

                          Tip 17: Shape dialogues with clients to catalyze designs promoting clear meanings of human relationships in proposed spaces
                          http://gsqeg8w.icu/features/Feature302.htm - August 4, 2009


                          WORDS THAT BUILD: Faster! Deeper! Broader!

                          Tip 16: How to balance high speed communication with in depth communication
                          http://gsqeg8w.icu/features/Feature298.htm - July 1, 2009


                          WORDS THAT BUILD: Translate Images Into Touching Performances

                          Tip 15: Cultivate communication with clients that translates architectural imagery into experience at their fingertips
                          http://gsqeg8w.icu/features/Feature291.htm - June 2, 2009


                          WORDS THAT BUILD: Emphasize Words with Lasting Resonance

                          Tip 14: Cluster symbolic and mythically charged keywords in communication with clients
                          http://gsqeg8w.icu/features/Feature290.htm - May 6, 2009


                          WORDS THAT BUILD: Re-invent Green Communication

                          Tip 13: Try the spectacular 2 step program to cut fat and reduce telltale signs of greenwash
                          http://gsqeg8w.icu/features/Feature283.htm - April 2, 2009


                          WORDS THAT BUILD: Taking Advantage of Interruptions in Architectural Communication

                          Tip 12: Cogent communicators exploit opportunities offered by interruptions
                          http://gsqeg8w.icu/features/Feature279.htm - March 4, 2009


                          WORDS THAT BUILD: Faceting Architectural Communication

                          Tip 11: Effective communication evolves out of cross reflective details
                          http://gsqeg8w.icu/features/Feature275.htm - February 3, 2009


                          WORDS THAT BUILD: Use Space Creatively When Designing Your Client Communications

                          Tip 10: Use paragraph spacing in writing and pauses in conversation to promote out of the box thinking
                          http://gsqeg8w.icu/features/Feature273.htm - January 8, 2009


                          WORDS THAT BUILD: Making Your Client's Contradictions Productive

                          Tip 9: Work with your clients contradictions to discover possible solutions
                          http://gsqeg8w.icu/features/Feature270.htm - December 2, 2008


                          WORDS THAT BUILD: Initiate Conversations with Designs that Engage Your Clients.

                          Tip 8: Write dialogues engaging materials and processes with clients
                          http://gsqeg8w.icu/features/Feature269.htm - November 5, 2008


                          WORDS THAT BUILD: Creating a Site Analysis That's Out of Sight

                          Tip 7: Write site analysis using words referring to senses beyond sight
                          http://gsqeg8w.icu/features/Feature266.htm - October 8, 2008


                          WORDS THAT BUILD: Learning How to Persuade Through Learning Variations on a Theme

                          Tip 6: Master communications tool that generates copious variations on your theme
                          http://gsqeg8w.icu/features/Feature263.htm - September 5, 2008


                          WORDS THAT BUILD: Respecting Key Words as Materials for Building Durable Structures

                          Tip 5: Recognize the key vocabulary shaping your professional practice and share those keywords with your clients
                          http://gsqeg8w.icu/features/Feature258.htm - August 5, 2008


                          WORDS THAT BUILD: Steering Your Client in the Appropriate Direction

                          Tip 4: See your writing as navigational aid so your design intent clearly comes through to your client
                          http://gsqeg8w.icu/features/Feature256.htm - July 8, 2008


                          WORDS THAT BUILD: Playing with the Flow of Communication

                          Tip 3: Use language that playfully enhances the flow of design intentions between you and your client
                          http://gsqeg8w.icu/features/Feature254.htm - June 10, 2008


                          WORDS THAT BUILD: Clarifying Presentations to Clients through Rhythmic Emphasis

                          Tip 2: Use rhythmic accents to create persuasive story to your client
                          http://gsqeg8w.icu/features/Feature252.htm - May 9, 2008


                          WORDS THAT BUILD: Coping with chaotic communication challenges

                          Tip 1: Learn to enjoy communicating with your client
                          http://gsqeg8w.icu/features/Feature251.htm - April, 2008


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