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                              ANN News Articles Archive

                              May 4, 2007    Reed Kroloff Appointed Director of Cranbrook Academy of Art

                              April 30, 2007    The Field Paoli Forum: Roundtable with Author and Environmental Activist Hunter Lovins

                              April 18, 2007    Hudson World Bridge: An architect's proposal to span the Hudson River would be a gathering place like no other. By Fred Bernstein -- Eytan Kaufman [images]

                              March 27, 2007    NEA Director of Design Jeff Speck to Resign in May
                                  City planner heading back to planning cities.

                              November 16, 2006    EPA 2006 National Awards for Smart Growth Achievement: Winners offer lessons for us all

                              September 29, 2006    U-R-E is O-U-T: Hanley Wood buys Architecture and Architectural Lighting magazines as it readies for launch of Architect

                              September 29, 2006    Report from IDSA 06: Elements of Change (and architecture)
                                  Julie D. Taylor

                              August 17, 2006    Inflatable Architecture (and more!) On View in Anaheim August 19-27

                              July 17, 2006    Exhibition Review: "Portable" at Storefront for Art and Architecture through August 5
                              红桃棋牌官网    Three artists consider the nomadic impulse to brave the unknown and the sedentary urge to hoard and build

                              July 5, 2006    Resort Hotels of the Future: Students' Winning Designs Shine

                              February 14, 2006    Feb. '06 Build Business: The Other Side of the Table: An Inside View of the Selection Process

                              January 14, 2006    On View: "Santiago Calatrava: The Architect's Studio" at the University Art Museum, Santa Barbara, California
                              红桃棋牌官网    Buildings take wing and bulls stampede in an exhibit exploring the architect's design process

                              December 1, 2005    Dec. '05 Build Business: Why Hire a Marketing Staff?
                                  No longer considered unethical and tacky, marketing has morphed into an essential tool for savvy A/E/C firms.

                              October 4, 2005    Oct. '05 Build Business: The International Development Scene: What's Hot for the A/E/C Industry?

                              September 27, 2005    The Rise of the Few: Key Ingredients for the World's Tallest Skyscrapers
                                  Q&A with Ron Klemencic, Chairman, Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat

                              September 13, 2005    Op-Ed: Modern Ironies: Notes on Losing the Bunshaft's Travertine House (1963)

                              September 7, 2005    Sept. '05 Build Business: Marketing from the Inside Out

                              August 2, 2005    August '05 Build Business: PR Tips from Two Pros

                              July 6, 2005    July '05 Build Business: The Perfect Storm: Surviving through Succession Planning

                              July 6, 2005    Op-Ed: The 2012 New York Olympics is lost. Long live the 2014 New York World's Fair.

                              June 7, 2005    June '05 Build Business: Presentations Wanted: Alive, Not Dead

                              May 31, 2005    Sustainable Urbanism Tops the Agenda as World Environment Day Comes to the U.S. June 1-5
                              红桃棋牌官网    As sustainable design champions put the pedal to the scrap metal, they've got their eye on the distant prize - sustainable urbanism. They want your buy-in. They want it now.

                              May 5, 2005    May '05 Build Business: Client Loyalty -- What You Don't Know Could Hurt You

                              April 5, 2005    April '05 Build Business: Generating the Most Profitable Fees

                              March 1, 2005    March '05 Build Business: Diversity Is Harmony: Making Music Not Noise

                              February 8, 2005    Feb. '05 Build Business: Marketing Technology: Connecting, Communicating, and Collaborating
                              红桃棋牌官网    The first in an exclusive series focusing on marketing and business development best practices.

                              October 26, 2004    Exclusive Principal's Report Survey: Is Offshore Outsourcing an Idea Whose Time has Come?

                              October 14, 2004    Exhibition Review: "RED + WHITE: Canadians in Design" at Canada House, Trafalgar Square, London
                                  The future of Canadian design on show in London features rocket suits, tea pots, leather boots, and more from Canada's hottest young talent.

                              October 1, 2004    New York Celebrates 2nd Annual Architecture Week 10/4-10/04
                                  Events include exhibitions, parties, conferences, movies, a Design-In Marathon, and openhousenewyork - and marks the 1st anniversary of the Center for Architecture.

                              September 23, 2004    INSIGHT: Ticking the Right Boxes: In today's quest to add value at all costs, are we not losing sight of the most important aspect of all - the architecture itself?

                              April 7, 2004    Obituary: Pierre Koenig, 78, Architect, Modernist, Teacher

                              March 1, 2004    Hopes are Ever Higher: Friends of the High Line and NYC Issue Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for High Line Master Plan

                              February 10, 2004    And the Winners Are: New Housing New York Competition Winners
                                  Inspiring designs for affordable, sustainable housing on view through March at NYC's Center for Architecture.

                              December 8, 2003    Modernism for Sale: Richard Mandel House by Edward Durell Stone

                              November 14, 2003    INSIGHT: The Might-Have-Been Memorial

                              September 29, 2003    Survival of the Fittest
                                  Efficient and effective support staff adds dollars to your bottom line.

                              July 15, 2003    The Noguchi Room at Keio University: Saved or Destroyed?

                              April 14, 2003    2003 Call For Submissions for Architectural Graphic Standards First Annual: "Architectural Entries, Openings, and Doorways"

                              March 17, 2003    Fox Departs Fox & Fowle

                              January 31, 2003    WTC Proposals: Who's Saying What Worldwide (updated 04/18/03)

                              January 2, 2003    INSIGHT: Hunkering Down While Gearing Up for the New Year
                                  10 questions firm leaders should ask themselves as they move into 2003.

                              December 23, 2002    A Brief Note From the Editor

                              December 13, 2002    PointOfView: Future of the World Trade Center Site: It's the Chessboard, Not the Chess Pieces, that Matter Now - By the Van Alen Institute

                              December 12, 2002    ArchNewsNow Scoop: World Architecture Magazine Scaling Back from Monthly to Annual

                              December 10, 2002    ArchNewsNow Editor Wears Two Hats: AIA New York Chapter Launches Recast OCULUS Magazine; Names Kristen Richards Editor

                              December 2, 2002    Inspiring Design: Winners of Architecture for Humanity's Mobile HIV/AIDS Health Clinic Design Competition
                                  A select group of entries from 50 countries will be part of an international traveling exhibition launching this week in New York City.

                              November 21, 2002    The Multi Purpose Platform (MPP) Bunker: Portable, Watertight, Bombproof - and then some
                                  Though not-yet priced for Home Depot shelves, this clever pod has multiple applications.

                              November 14, 2002    Standing Room Only: Promosedia: 26th International Chair Exhibition
                              红桃棋牌官网    Udine, Italy: Despite a shaky global economy, thousands turned out to wander acres of seating products ranging from museum classics to the futuristic.

                              October 31, 2002    Who What When - 10/31/02: dates & deadlines, noteworthy, on the boards, names and faces

                              October 30, 2002    Philadelphia Waterfront Revival: Liberty Landing by Burt Hill Kosar Rittelmann Associates

                              October 18, 2002    Finalists Selected for Pentagon Memorial

                              October 17, 2002    And the Winners Are: AIA Chicago Design Excellence Awards

                              October 14, 2002    Dhaka Apollo Hospital in Bangladesh by SmithGroup

                              October 4, 2002    Exhibition: Me, Myself and Infrastructure: Private Lives and Public Works in America at the National Building Museum

                              October 3, 2002    A New Shortlist after Holl and Cornell Part Ways

                              September 30, 2002    Who What When - 9/30/02: deadlines, of interest, on the boards, and people on the move

                              September 27, 2002    Dream Teams No Longer Just a Dream for Ground Zero
                              红桃棋牌官网    Lower Manhattan Development Corporation announces shortlist of international architects and planners who will help shape the future of Lower Manhattan.

                              September 25, 2002    The Real Thing: Arne Jacobsen: A Centenary Exhibition at Scandinavia House, New York City, September 27 - November 9

                              September 18, 2002    Something Old is New Again: Avaya Communications Headquarters by Fox & Fowle Architects
                                  Basking Ridge, New Jersey: A dated corporate campus building takes on a new identity for a new company.

                              September 11, 2002    9/11: A Reflection

                              September 10, 2002    Exhibition: "Gio Ponti: A World" at the Design Museum in London

                              September 6, 2002    Who What When - 9/6/02: deadlines, of interest, on the boards, and people on the move

                              September 3, 2002    Natural Resources Defense Council Santa Monica Office by Moule & Polyzoides Architects and Urbanists
                              红桃棋牌官网    Santa Monica, California: Urban adaptive re-use and green design are combined to provide a model that both an environmental organization and an architect hope will inspire others.

                              August 15, 2002    It's Official: Ground Zero Design Study Underway, and Architects and Planners Around the World Are (finally) Invited
                                  People spoke, and the powers-that-be listened (what took them so long?).

                              August 15, 2002    Who What When - 8/15/02: of interest, on the boards, firm news, and people on the move

                              August 5, 2002    Respecting and Renewing History: Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art by UN Studio and Fox & Fowle Architects
                                  Changing and re-arranging (and eliminating) decades of architectural additions will give an astonishing collection - and visitors - room to breathe.

                              July 26, 2002    Six Teams Named Finalists in the Public Plaza Design Competition for 55 Water Street in Downtown Manhattan

                              July 25, 2002    Who What When - 7/25/02: of interest, on the boards, firm news, and people on the move

                              July 24, 2002    Developers Embrace AIACC's New Certified Development Strategist Designation
                              红桃棋牌官网    Architects who expand their skills to include all aspects of the development process find expanded business opportunities.

                              July 18, 2002    Who What When - 7/18/02: honors, firm news, on the boards, and people on the move

                              July 15, 2002    Ground Zero: A Week for Unveilings, Exhibitions, Discussions, and Debates

                              July 11, 2002    Unveiled Vintage: Le Clos Jordan Winery by Frank O. Gehry & Associates
                                  Lincoln, Ontario: A new winery will seem to float above the vineyard.

                              June 28, 2002    Timely Pairing: Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative Pairs a Pritzker Prize Winner with a Young Jordanian Architect: Álvaro Siza and Sahel Al-Hiyari

                              June 19, 2002    Who What When - 06/19/02
                                  A little bit of everything: deadlines, firm news, on the boards, exhibition alerts, and honors

                              June 12, 2002    Who What When - 06/12/02
                              红桃棋牌官网    A little bit of everything: deadlines, upcoming events, honors, firm news, on the boards, and people on the move

                              June 11, 2002    ArchNewsNow listed by Crain's Detroit as 2002 Best National Internet Site in Architecture

                              June 6, 2002    Under Construction: Bard College Performing Arts Center by Frank O. Gehry & Associates

                              June 5, 2002    All Ameri-CAN Winners of the 6th Annual International CANSTRUCTION® Competition

                              May 31, 2002    Big Doings for the Big Apple: Starting tomorrow, and over the next two weeks, there's a wealth of events surrounding the rebuilding of Lower Manhattan
                              红桃棋牌官网    Special programs offered by The Municipal Art Society, Van Alen Institute, the Center for Architecture, and the NYU Real Estate Institute.

                              May 30, 2002    Commentary: Shared Values By Robert Fielden, ArchD, FAIA

                              May 24, 2002    So Much to Learn: Canadian Centre for Architecture 2002 - 2003 Research Fellowships Awarded
                                  Scholars from five countries take on research projects; applications for next year are due in November.

                              May 17, 2002    HOK Selected as Master Designer for $939 million Midfield Terminal at Indianapolis International Airport

                              May 8, 2002    Switch-On: Huawei Technologies Corporate Data and Command Center by RTKL
                                  Shenzhen, China: A world class data/command center is under construction in China's first free trade zone.

                              April 30, 2002    Cheung Kong Center Footbridge by Leo A Daly and Ove Arup & Partners Receives Special Award from the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers

                              April 23, 2002    The AIA California Council Offers Certification Program for Development Strategists: New CDS designation reflects global role of architects - and new business development opportunities.

                              April 16, 2002    Book Review: SOM Journal 1: An Outside Jury of Architects, Artists, and Critics Judge Offers Objective Assessments of In-house Entries for the Debut of a Unique Monograph Series

                              April 10, 2002    Semper Fi[delis]: National Museum of the Marine Corps by Fentress Bradburn Architects
                                  Quantico, Virginia: A new museum honoring US Marine Corps history will include an architectural metaphor that recalls the flag raisers at Iwo Jima.

                              April 8, 2002    George Mason National Memorial by Rhodeside & Harwell Incorporated
                                  A new memorial on the National Mall honors an American patriot and restores historic park grounds.

                              April 1, 2002    A New Office Tower in Shenzhen, China, by Brennan Beer Gorman/Architects
                                  Office building will be a landmark in China's first economic free trade zone.

                              March 29, 2002    Lecture Series: Spaceship EARTH: Three 20th Century Minds Who Inspire 21st Century Visions
                              红桃棋牌官网    Fuller, Soleri, and Turrell highlight a lecture series at the Municipal Art Society's Urban Center.

                              March 26, 2002    ArchNewsNow Exclusive: A Changing of the Guard at Architecture Magazine
                                  An industry stalwart is shifting direction - to what, no one will say exactly, but we hope another industry voice is not silenced.

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