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                    Creative Collateral: Campbell Mithun Advertising West Coast Office by The McCulley Group

                    San Diego, California: A typical 80's office maze is transformed into a creative, collaborative environment.

                    by Kim Lande

                    June 20, 2002

                    Campbell Mithun's lobby/reception area features a wall painted in the agency's signature yellow that is also central to their logo and graphic identity.
                    (Kevin Walsh)
                    Adventure in Style: The North Face Beverly Hills by JGA, Inc.

                    Beverly Hills, California: A company well known for its high-performance gear celebrates its heritage of outdoor exploration by combining elements of exotic locales and high-tech product.

                    红桃棋牌官网by Kristen Richards

                    June 17, 2002

                    The entrance to The North Face Beverly Hills is a vestibule highlighted by a 200-year-old, hand-carved Indonesian door and cascading water wall.
                    (Laszlo Regos Photography)

                    Healthcare, Southern-style: River Region Medical Center by Earl Swensson Associates

                    红桃棋牌官网Vicksburg, Mississippi: A medical center that serves a large population pays attention to the details that will make individual users - patients and staff - comfortable.

                    红桃棋牌官网by ArchNewsNow

                    红桃棋牌官网June 10, 2002

                    Architecturally, different levels and planes create visual interest in the River Region Medical Center.
                    (Bob Shimer/Hedrich Blessing)
                    Home Swede Home: Bo01: The City of Tomorrow Apartment Block by Moore Ruble Yudell Architects & Planners and FFNS Arkitekter

                    Malmö, Sweden: Technology and environmental sustainability, along with natural light, playful colors and textures, and a garden, offer a civilized setting for urban dwellers.

                    by Kristen Richards

                    June 4, 2002

                    The conceptual sketch for a 27-unit block in Bo01, Sweden's "City of Tomorrow" in Malmö.
                    (Moore Ruble Yudell (MRY))

                    North of the Border the Winners Are: Governor General's Medals in Architecture

                    Twelve projects by Canadian architects are honored.

                    by ArchNewsNow

                    May 23, 2002

                    Architects Alliance / Busby + Associates Architects: York University Computer Science Building
                    Exhibition: Windshield: Richard Neutra's House for the John Nicholas Brown Family at the National Building Museum

                    Destroyed by fire in 1973, the Windshield House lives on in a traveling show.

                    by ArchNewsNow

                    红桃棋牌官网May 21, 2002

                    Richard J. Neutra: Windshield House for John Nicholas Brown. View from northeast (final version). Sketch, September 1937
                    (Courtesy of the Museum of Art, Rhode Island School of Design)

                    Nurturing Nature: Marie Curie Cancer Care Centre by Allen Tod Architecture

                    Bradford, England: Sensitive architecture and therapeutic landscapes promote a sense of well being for a new hospice in Yorkshire.

                    by Kristen Richards

                    红桃棋牌官网May 15, 2002

                    The Marie Curie Cancer Care Centre sits atop a plateau overlooking the city of Bradford.
                    (Chris North Photography)
                    And the Winners Are: Top Ten Green Projects Receive 2002 AIA/COTE Awards

                    红桃棋牌官网Projects, large and small, prove the environmental, social, and economic benefits of sustainable design.

                    by Kira Gould, Assoc. AIA

                    May 13, 2002

                    Tom Bender, Architect: Bank of Astoria
                    (Courtesy of the architect)

                    Riverside Reveries: The Museum of Life and the Environment by William McDonough + Partners; Ralph Appelbaum Associates; and Nelson-Byrd Landscape Architects

                    York County, South Carolina: A riverbank with ancient fish weirs and giant oaks inspires a "living museum."

                    by Kristen Richards

                    红桃棋牌官网May 6, 2002

                    A massing study for the Museum of Life and the Environment on the banks of the Catawba River in South Carolina.
                    (William McDonough + Partners (WM+P))
                    Hillside Haven: Lexton/MacCarthy Residence by Lorcan O'Herlihy Architects

                    Silver Lake, California: Grounded in the tradition of mid-20th Century modernism (and grounded by stringent building codes) a new house seems to "float" effortlessly above the canyons of Los Angeles.

                    红桃棋牌官网by Kristen Richards

                    May 2, 2002

                    The west elevation of the Lexton/MacCarthy Residence in Silver Lake.
                    (Douglas Hill)

                    The Master Plan for the New City of Modi'in, Israel by Moshe Safdie and Associates

                    Modi'in, Israel: An urban center rises within the contours of the land, not in place of them.

                    by Len Abelman

                    April 29, 2002

                    Model: Modi'in City Centre and housing zones; view from Northeast.
                    (Moshe Safdie Associates)
                    RTKL: Designing for the Consumer Revolution in Health Care

                    Planning and designing buildings that respond effectively to the New Consumerism helps clients deliver a newer, better kind of health care.

                    by Leeza Hoyt

                    红桃棋牌官网April 25, 2002

                    Florida Hospital Waterman, Tavares, Florida. Scheduled completion: October 2002. Associate Architect: Jonathan Bailey Associates

                    And the Winners Are: 18 Projects Honored with Congress for the New Urbanism's Second Annual Charter Awards

                    红桃棋牌官网All winners are infill projects - a positive trend, we hope.

                    红桃棋牌官网by ArchNewsNow

                    红桃棋牌官网April 22, 2002

                    H3 Studio: The Confluence Master Plan: A Conservation, Heritage, and Recreation Corridor, St. Louis, Missouri
                    (Congress for the New Urbanism)
                    Pritzker Prize (Surprise!?!): Glenn Murcutt, Sydney, Australia

                    红桃棋牌官网A sole practitioner who treasures - and respects - the Australian environment wins what is considered the "Nobel Prize" in architecture.

                    by Kristen Richards

                    April 18, 2002

                    Magney House, Bingie Bingie, South Coast, NSW, 1982-84
                    (Anthony Browell)

                    Exhibition : "Laboratories" at the Canadian Centre for Architecture

                    Montreal: Six young architectural firms take over CCA galleries to explore the shape of things to come.

                    红桃棋牌官网by ArchNewsNow

                    April 15, 2002

                    Atelier in situ: Digital image of proposed installation
                    ((c) Atelier in situ)
                    Custom Cuddles: Pawsenclaws & Co. by JGA, Inc.

                    Staten Island, NY: A retail environment for teddy bear lovers of all ages inspires gift-giving and supports the brand story (it's also a great setting for parties!).

                    by Kristen Richards

                    April 11, 2002

                    Pawsenclaws & Co. is a colorful department store fantasy that stands out in its mall surroundings.
                    (Photo: Laszlo Regos Photography)

                    Ruins Reclaimed: Scott and Montgomery Halls at San Francisco Theological Seminary by Architectural Resources Group

                    红桃棋牌官网San Anselmo, California: Thoughtful planning and seismic engineering save two historically significant (and all but abandoned) buildings that have renewed campus spirit - and increased enrollment.

                    by ArchNewsNow

                    April 8, 2002

                    Montgomery Hall, primary façade.
                    (Photo: David Wakely Photography)
                    Exhibition: "A New World Trade Center: Design Proposals" at the National Building Museum

                    红桃棋牌官网If you missed this stunning, touching show in New York, you have until June to see it in Washington, DC.

                    红桃棋牌官网by ArchNewsNow

                    April 4, 2002

                    Acconci Studio
                    (Courtesy of the architect and Max Protetch Gallery)

                    Once Upon a Time: Cedar House Residence by Walker Architecture

                    Chapelhill, Scotland: An architect builds his own "enchanted cottage" that integrates traditional rural aesthetics with modern environmental technology - and he offers tours by appointment.

                    by Kristen Richards

                    April 1, 2002

                    A slate and gravel patio extends the Cedar House living space into the garden.
                    (Photo: Simon Jauncey)
                    Greening a Build-to-Suit: National Wildlife Federation Headquarters by Hellmuth, Obata + Kassabaum (HOK)

                    红桃棋牌官网Reston, Virginia: An environmental federation actually walks the talk of sustainable design.

                    by Kristen Richards

                    红桃棋牌官网March 25, 2002

                    Balconies serve as outdoor breakout spaces for National Wildlife Federation staff. A metal trellis for deciduous vines forms a sunscreen wall on the far portion of the façade.
                    (Photo: Michael Houlahan/Hedrich Blessing)

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