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                        Exhibition/Award: Borneo Sporenburg Residential Waterfront, Amsterdam, by West 8 Urban Design & Landscape Architecture

                        红桃棋牌官网Two docks in Amsterdam take on new life as a suburban-style housing project, pick up an award for urban design, and get star billing at an exhibition at Harvard Design School.

                        红桃棋牌官网by ArchNewsNow

                        红桃棋牌官网November 13, 2002

                        Borneo Sporenburg consists of 2,500 housing units on two docks along Amsterdam's waterfront.
                        (West 8)
                        City on a Site: Simmons Hall, Massachusetts Institute of Technology by Steven Holl Architects

                        红桃棋牌官网Cambridge, Massachusetts: A new campus dormitory goes well beyond typical cinder block and laminates - the words "pixilated" and "audacious" come to mind.

                        by David Sokol

                        November 5, 2002

                        On the other side of the fence: MIT's Simmons Hall is a "vertical slice of a city."
                        (Kevin McCarthy)

                        Green Values: Environmental Defense Office by Envision Design (updated January 2005)

                        Washington, DC: An environmental organization doesn't give up having a beautiful space just so it can be "green."

                        红桃棋牌官网by Kristen Richards

                        红桃棋牌官网October 29, 2002

                        From the elevator lobby, the transparency of the Environmental Defense office is obvious.
                        (Michael Moran)
                        Company Cultures: Red Tettemer Advertising and Electronic Ink by Agoos/Lovera Architects

                        红桃棋牌官网Philadelphia: One firm gives two companies in the same Center City office building two very different personae.

                        by Kristen Richards

                        October 24, 2002

                        Red Tettemer: The playful reception area; copper laminate ceiling panels, red cork flooring, and the client's logo introduce visitors to the unusual environment beyond.
                        (Matt Wargo Photography)

                        Exhibition: Ecology, Economy, Equity: The Architecture of William McDonough + Partners at the Atlanta International Museum

                        红桃棋牌官网"Being less bad is not being good" is a tune we all should learn.

                        红桃棋牌官网by Kristen Richards

                        October 15, 2002

                        Ecology, Economy, Equity: all equal parts
                        (William McDonough + Partners (WMP))
                        Moribund Mall Makeover: Sherman Oaks Galleria by Gensler

                        Sherman Oaks (Los Angeles), California: An iconic shopping mall bucks the dead-mall trend with a mixed-use formula.

                        红桃棋牌官网by ArchNewsNow

                        October 9, 2002

                        The new Sherman Oaks Galleria
                        (Benny Chan / fotoworks)

                        INSIGHT: Chihuly Bridge of Glass By Arthur W. Andersson, AIA/Andersson-Wise Architects

                        红桃棋牌官网Tacoma, Washington: An architect and an artist combine visions for a pedestrian crossing.

                        红桃棋牌官网by Arthur W. Andersson, AIA

                        October 3, 2002

                        Bridge of Glass: view east from Seaform Pavilion to Crystal Towers at dusk
                        (Tim Hursley)
                        From Caterpillar to Butterfly: DuPage Children's Museum by Peter J. Exley Architect/architectureisfun and Nagle Hartray Danker Kagan McKay Architects Planners

                        红桃棋牌官网Naperville, Illinois: The metamorphosis of a retail lumber building into a place that combines learning and fun offered the same experience to the design team.

                        红桃棋牌官网by Sharon Exley, MAAE, and Kristin Baker

                        September 23, 2002

                        The DuPage Children's Museum raucously colored exterior signage signals there's fun to be had inside.
                        (Doug Snower Photography)

                        Healing Hearts: Genesis Heart Institute by Flad & Associates

                        Davenport, Iowa: A new cardiac clinic offers an environment that promotes well-being and optimism, helping patients and their families focus on healing.

                        by ArchNewsNow

                        September 17, 2002

                        The curved glass curtainwall of the Genesis Heart Institute's lobby reflects the Midwest sunset.
                        (Bob Harr, Hedrich Blessing)
                        9/11: A Reflection

                        by Kristen Richards

                        September 11, 2002

                        (Chris Calori, Calori & Vanden-Eynden/Design Consultants)

                        Architecture Parlante: The Darwin Centre by HOK International

                        London, UK: A modern building sensitive to its historic setting is designed to captivate and educate visitors who want to see millions of bottled zoological specimens and the scientists who study them.

                        红桃棋牌官网by Kristen Richards

                        August 26, 2002

                        The Darwin Centre, view from Queensgate
                        (Peter Durant/Arcblue.com)
                        INSIGHT: Art in Architecture: Ancient Simpatico By Gordon Huether

                        An artist partners his art with architecture - to the extent that he even has a patent for a glass art technique that meets stringent requirements of contemporary building codes.

                        红桃棋牌官网by Gordon Huether

                        August 21, 2002

                        Detail: Charles Schwab Building, San Francisco; Public Art Award 2001. Etched, fused, and enameled glass, each panel 45"x33". Architect: HOK San Francisco
                        (Misha Bruk)

                        Spatial Experiments: "Zaha Hadid Laboratories" at the National Building Museum

                        The evolution from project concept to completion is explored in an exhibition honoring an architect known for challenging popular convention.

                        by Kristen Richards

                        红桃棋牌官网August 19, 2002

                        Rosenthal Center for Contemporary Arts - Presentation Model, Cincinnati, Ohio (Nov. 1998)
                        (Zaha Hadid Architects)
                        Pioneering Forum Stimulates Urban Regeneration Debate

                        Leeds, UK: A British architect's vision to enhance the quality of projects that impact on our everyday lives brings together key players who shape cities and towns throughout Yorkshire.

                        by ArchNewsNow

                        红桃棋牌官网August 12, 2002

                        Lister's Mill in Manningham, Urban Splash

                        Luxurious Hospitality: St. Regis Shanghai Hotel by Sydness Architects, P.C. and HBA/Hirsch Bedner Associates

                        Shanghai, China: A slender hotel tower adds distinctive grace to the skyline and offers elegant interiors for guests.

                        by Kristen Richards

                        红桃棋牌官网August 8, 2002

                        Outlined in lights at night, the St. Regis Shanghai cuts a slender profile against the skyline.
                        (Mr. Miao)
                        Modern Moderne: Berkeley Public Library Renovation and Expansion by Ripley/BOORA Associated Architects

                        Berkekey, California: An urban treasure is thoughtfully brought into the 21st century.

                        by ArchNewsNow

                        August 1, 2002

                        The Berkeley Public Library includes the original 1931 building (left), and a new addition (right).
                        (David Wakely Photography)

                        Urban Crown: Metropolitan Kansas City Performing Arts Center by Moshe Safdie and Associates

                        Kansas City, Missouri: Graceful forms atop a hill signal a new international landmark - and urban renewal.

                        红桃棋牌官网by Kristen Richards

                        July 29, 2002

                        Metropolitan Kansas City Performing Arts Center, southwest elevation
                        (Moshe Safdie and Associates)
                        Sleek Signs: Acela Station Signage by Calori & Vanden-Eynden / Design Consultants

                        Signage design meets industrial design at stations serving Amtrak's futuristic bullet trains.

                        红桃棋牌官网by ArchNewsNow

                        红桃棋牌官网July 22, 2002

                        The sleek Acela signage program includes exterior station identification pylons, internally illuminated at night, as seen here in Philadelphia.
                        (Elliott Kaufman Photography)

                        Graceful Crossing: Vätternbridge by Erséus, Frenning & Sjögren Arkitekter and Scandiaconsult Sverige AB

                        红桃棋牌官网Motala, Sweden: Traffic congestion in a town center will be relieved via a scenic route over a bay.

                        by ArchNewsNow

                        红桃棋牌官网July 8, 2002

                        Plans for the Vätternbridge in Motala, Sweden, include dramatic nighttime lighting.
                        (Photomontage: Scandiaconsult Sverige AB/Per Petersson)
                        Sustainable Showcase: Architects' Own Office by Geoffrey Reid Associates

                        红桃棋牌官网London, UK: An architectural firm practices what it preaches for its own new home when it transforms a 1950's office building into a showcase for sustainable design strategies.

                        红桃棋牌官网by ArchNewsNow

                        June 25, 2002

                        The new entrance and tower at Geoffrey Reid Associates headquarters comes to life at night with sculptural lighting.
                        (Andrew Southall)

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