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                        Feature Articles -- Archive

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                    In Full Bloom: The Conservatory of Flowers by Architectural Resources Group and Tennebaum-Manheim Engineers

                    红桃棋牌官网San Francisco: Extreme historic and environmental preservation methods bring a deteriorated treasure back to life.

                    by ArchNewsNow

                    红桃棋牌官网October 7, 2003

                    The Conservatory of Flowers in full bloom
                    (Kevin J. Frest (c) Conservatory of Flowers/Friends of Recreation and Parks)
                    INSIGHT: A Story of a Place: Transforming America's Cities

                    红桃棋牌官网Placemaking is the art of architecture connecting spaces to communities.

                    by Alexander Wu, KMD (Kaplan McLaughlin Diaz)

                    August 25, 2003

                    The Oakland Federal Building is a monumental gateway to the city's revitalized downtown.
                    (Roberto Soncin Gerometta/Photo)

                    Housing the Machine: Co-generation Plants by Hillier

                    The idea of turning industrial facilities into more aesthetic, sculpted forms is gaining acceptance and is likely to become more prevalent in the future.

                    by Elyse Kantrowitz

                    红桃棋牌官网August 4, 2003

                    Rockefeller University chiller plant is lit at night, and the vaults and the sidewalls glow.
                    (Sedge Hahm/Hillier)
                    Tradition and Innovation in Sustainable Design: EHDD Architecture

                    Joseph Esherick's legacy of research and technical considerations that can inspire design continues.

                    红桃棋牌官网by Ron Nyren

                    红桃棋牌官网July 21, 2003

                    EHDD founder Joseph Esherick (center) outside Wurster Hall, University of California, Berkeley in the mid-1960s, using a model to study sun angles and shadows.
                    (EHDD Historic Photo)

                    INSIGHT: When Boomers Retire...

                    Baby Boomers' retirement expectations are redefining an industry.

                    红桃棋牌官网by J. David Hoglund, FAIA, Perkins Eastman Architects

                    红桃棋牌官网July 8, 2003

                    Sun City Takatsuki, Japan: The design emphasizes choice by creating a variety of public spaces, including this relaxing garden tea lounge with a warm palette of dark elm and mica panels.
                    (Chuck Choi)
                    Mais Oui! Les Grands Prix: Commerce Design Montréal 2003

                    An awards initiative rewards all in a unique public/private collaboration between a city and its professional design and business community.

                    by ArchNewsNow

                    July 1, 2003

                    Hôtel Gault. Design: YH2; Paul Bernier, architecte; Fournier, Gersovitz, Moss et associés architectes
                    (Marc Cramer)

                    UPDATE 07/16/03: Designing the High Line: Competition Insights - and Results

                    17 winners and 720 entries now online…
                    Three jurors, the competition coordinator, and Friends of the High Line co-founders offer their thoughts about - and hopes for - one of Manhattan's most unique urban environments.

                    by Claire Weisz, AIA

                    April 21, 2003

                    The High Line today
                    (Ken Smith/Ken Smith Landscape Architect)
                    Reinventing a Landmark: Museum of Arts & Design by Allied Works Architecture

                    New York City: Adored and reviled, misused and unused for years, 2 Columbus Circle is about to get a new lease on life - and an entirely new look. Is it the birth or death of a landmark?

                    红桃棋牌官网by Kristen Richards

                    April 7, 2003

                    Museum of Arts & Design at 2 Columbus Circle
                    ((c) www.dboxstudio.com)

                    BOOKSHELF: Women in Architecture

                    Books by or about female (and minority) architects and their work are few and far between...

                    红桃棋牌官网by Ellen Louer

                    March 27, 2003

                    Mary Colter: Architect of the Southwest
                    Pampered Privacy: Malliouhana Spa by Earl Swensson Associates

                    Anguilla, British West Indies: A lush tropical setting offers design cues for a Caribbean spa.

                    by ArchNewsNow

                    March 24, 2003

                    The Malliouhana Spa strikes an elegant profile on a bluff overlooking Meads Bay.
                    (Scaletta Photography)

                    Enter Here: New Street Parking Garage by Frazier Associates

                    Staunton, Virginia: Strolling New Street, one would never guess there's a parking structure behind those charming facades.

                    红桃棋牌官网by ArchNewsNow

                    March 11, 2003

                    The New Street parking garage is sensitive to its historic neighborhood.
                    (Jason Hottel Photography)
                    A 21st-Century Workplace: ADC Telecommunications Global Headquarters by Hammel, Green & Abrahamson (HGA)

                    红桃棋牌官网Eden Prairie, Minnesota: An architectural vocabulary creates a transparent, democratic campus for the multicultural workforce of an international high-tech company.

                    红桃棋牌官网by ArchNewsNow

                    February 18, 2003

                    ADC Telecommunications: front entrance with curved glass and columned entry leading into lobby
                    (George Heinrich Photography)

                    Good Urbanism: RiverPark Master Plan by AC Martin Partners

                    Oxnard, California: 700 acres of abandoned gravel-mining pits and a failed commercial project to be transformed into a model economically viable, environmentally sound, livable community.

                    by ArchNewsNow

                    红桃棋牌官网February 10, 2003

                    Site plan: RiverPark, a 700-acre mixed-use development in Oxnard, California
                    (AC Martin Partners (ACMP))
                    BOOKSHELF: The City of Brotherly Love takes center stage in two beautiful new volumes

                    by Ellen Louer

                    红桃棋牌官网February 5, 2003


                    A New Yet Familiar Neighbor: Goldman School of Public Policy UC Berkeley by Architectural Resources Group

                    红桃棋牌官网A new annex becomes a hands-on experience in preservation and urban design policy that garners neighborhood groups and local preservationists approval.

                    by Kenneth Caldwell

                    红桃棋牌官网January 30, 2003

                    Courtyard entrance to the new Goldman School of Public Policy annex
                    (David Wakely)
                    East Meets West on the Waterfront: Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay by Michael Wilford & Partners; DP Architects; Theatre Projects Consultants; and Artec Consultants

                    红桃棋牌官网Singapore: A performing arts complex 30 years in the making puts a strictly-business city on the international cultural map.

                    红桃棋牌官网by Kristen Richards

                    红桃棋牌官网January 16, 2003

                    The Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay glows against the Singapore skyline.
                    (Eujin Goh)

                    10 Titles to Inspire, Inform, and Amuse

                    红桃棋牌官网From pleasures to patterns, and waterfronts to wonders (and even something for dummies)

                    红桃棋牌官网by Ellen Louer

                    December 17, 2002

                    Pleasure: The Architecture and Design of Rockwell Group
                    Not Your Father's Car Dealer: Jaguar of Tampa by JGA, Inc. and Illuminating Concepts

                    Tampa, Florida: Classy cars take center stage in a traffic-stopping showroom.

                    by Kristen Richards

                    December 10, 2002

                    Aston Martin Jaguar of Tampa: passers-by turn into the parking lot to watch the "show."
                    (Scott Stephens/Illuminating Concepts)

                    INSIGHT: Creating an Arbor for Art in Fort Worth

                    红桃棋牌官网Just how was Tadao Ando's design for Modern Art Museum of Ft. Worth translated into a concrete reality? The engineers explain the solutions that range from the exotic to the purely functional.

                    by David B. Spires, P.E., Leo J. Galletta, P.E., and Leonard M.

                    December 3, 2002

                    Architectural concrete beams and columns frame the view toward the galleries and reflecting pond, as seen from the café terrace.
                    (David B. Spires/Thornton-Tomasetti Engineers)
                    Symphonic Shimmer: Dortmund Concert Hall by Architekten Schröder Schulte-Ladbeck Strothmann

                    Dortmund, Germany: A new concert hall hits all the right notes for the renaissance of an urban neighborhood.

                    by Kristen Richards

                    November 19, 2002

                    The Dortmund Concert Hall shimmers against the evening sky.
                    (architects schröder schulte-ladbeck strothmann)

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