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                        Beauty in Garbage: Naka Incineration Plant by Yoshio Taniguchi

                        红桃棋牌官网Hiroshima: An incineration plant is devised as real-time science museum and tourist destination (complete with waterfront park).

                        by Fred A. Bernstein

                        November 9, 2004

                        Naka Incineration Plant, Hiroshima, under construction
                        (Fred A. Bernstein)
                        Second Look: George Washington Bridge Bus Station / Pier Luigi Nervi, 1963

                        红桃棋牌官网One of Nervi's few completed projects outside Italy is a superb example of the poetry he wrought from ferro-concrete.

                        红桃棋牌官网by Fred A. Bernstein

                        红桃棋牌官网November 2, 2004

                        Pier Luigi Nervi: George Washington Bridge Bus Station, 1963
                        (Photo courtesy of The Port Authority of NY & NJ - Mara Herbert - Photographer)

                        Healing Stories: Renovating San Francisco's Ronald McDonald House

                        Architects answered yes in the 1980s and again in the new century.

                        by Kenneth Caldwell

                        红桃棋牌官网October 21, 2004

                        House exterior
                        (David Wakely)
                        INSIGHT: Metamorphosis and Transcending Hype: Observations from the Field

                        红桃棋牌官网The Venice Biennale offers a message of optimism and exuberant anticipation for architecture in a post-9/11 world -- for the most part.

                        by Margaret Helfand, FAIA

                        红桃棋牌官网September 16, 2004

                        Entry to Corderie Gallery at Arsenale
                        (Jon Turner)

                        Interview: Michelle Kaufmann and Glidehouse: Chic and Green

                        A conversation with the architect at the forefront of moving modular prefab (and green) houses into the mainstream.

                        by Effie Bouras, Associate AIA

                        红桃棋牌官网September 8, 2004

                        Glidehouse front door (all photos of Sunset Magazine's showcase home, May 2004).
                        (Michelle Kaufmann Designs)
                        Modern Meets Tradition: University of Michigan Museum of Art Expansion/Restoration by Allied Works Architecture

                        红桃棋牌官网Ann Arbor: Brad Cloepfil's design to expand a university museum should create a thoughtful dialogue between historical and contemporary architecture.

                        by gsqeg8w.icu

                        August 11, 2004

                        View looking east from State Street
                        (Allied Works Architecture (c) 2004)

                        A Flexible Future: UCSF Genentech Hall by SmithGroup

                        San Francisco: Flexible laboratories, informal gathering spaces, and a soaring atrium emphasize collaboration among researchers.

                        by ArchNewsNow

                        红桃棋牌官网July 29, 2004

                        UCSF Genentech Hall is the first completed building at the university's new campus in the Mission Bay neighborhood.
                        (Timothy Hursley)
                        Healing Gardens: Samaritan Health Services System by Macdonald Environmental Planning

                        Oregon: A master planning approach to landscape design serves up a system of healthful opportunities.

                        by Jack Rubinger

                        红桃棋牌官网July 27, 2004

                        This Healing Environments map highlights the potential types of healing environments that can be incorporated into any campus.
                        (Macdonald Environmental Planning (MEP))

                        New Directions: Branding Spaces with Graphics - Hillier Environmental Graphics Studio

                        Cities and institutions like libraries and colleges are increasingly relying on environmental graphic design to brand and market themselves.

                        by ArchNewsNow

                        June 24, 2004

                        City of Miami Beach: Conceptual gateway signage would be a memorable, internationally recognized landmark visible from vehicles entering South Beach and cruise ships docking in the Port of Miami.
                        Metaphors for Motion: University of Connecticut Farmington Musculoskeletal Institute by AHSC Architects

                        Farmington, Connecticut: A building articulates its purpose with muscle and grace.

                        红桃棋牌官网by James W. Tilghman, AIA

                        红桃棋牌官网June 2, 2004

                        View from northeast parking/pedestrian approach; "wall-in-motion is visible behind the lobby curtain wall.

                        Straight A's: Horace Mann Elementary School by Moore Ruble Yudell

                        红桃棋牌官网San Jose, California: A student "village" makes a good neighbor in the heart of an urban historic district.

                        红桃棋牌官网by ArchNewsNow

                        红桃棋牌官网April 13, 2004

                        Horace Mann Elementary School: administration building
                        (John Edward Linden)
                        Stately Restoration: New York State Capitol Assembly Chamber Floor by Françoise Bollack Architects

                        Albany, New York: A treasure trove of 19th century design is restored and adapted for a 21st century democracy.

                        by ArchNewsNow

                        April 4, 2004

                        New York State Assembly Chamber restored
                        (Gary Gold)

                        Musical Catalyst: Max M. Fisher Music Center by Diamond and Schmitt Architects

                        The restoration and expansion of historic Detroit Symphony Orchestra Hall sparks downtown redevelopment.

                        by Effie Bouras, Assoc. AIA

                        红桃棋牌官网March 22, 2004

                        Max M. Fisher Center for the Performing Arts: original Orchestra Hall at left
                        (Steven Evans)
                        Case Study: HGA Stakes Its Claim in California

                        by ArchNewsNow

                        红桃棋牌官网March 9, 2004

                        U.C. Davis Medical Center: 10-acre M.I.N.D. Institute dedicated to finding a cure of autism other neurological disorders. The main entry rotunda is the hub of the center for staff and families and leads to the library, café, laboratories, and patient exam rooms.
                        (Richard Barnes)

                        INSIGHT: San Francisco's New Vancouver-Mania - Part II

                        by Trevor Boddy

                        February 24, 2004

                        Skyline view of San Francisco with the towers (in pink) in place and the Rincon Hill and Transbay Plans built out.
                        (Courtesy of San Francisco Planning Department)
                        Habitat 825 by Lorcan O'Herlihy Architects

                        West Hollywood, California: An apartment building draws inspiration from its neighbor - Schindler's Kings Road House.

                        by ArchNewsNow

                        February 9, 2004

                        Habitat 825: View into the courtyard
                        (Lorcan O'Herlihy Architects (LOh/a))

                        On Track: Frank R. Lautenberg Rail Station at Secaucus Junction by Brennan Beer Gorman Architects

                        Secaucus, New Jersey: Commuting is made easier (and grander) with a transit hub 10 years in the making.

                        红桃棋牌官网by Mark Sheeleigh, AIA

                        January 27, 2004

                        The soaring rotunda of the Frank R. Lautenberg Rail Station at Secaucus Junction
                        INSIGHT: RINCONoitering: How Vancouver Ideas Do - and Do Not Help - in Shaping San Francisco's First High Density Neighborhood - Part I

                        by Trevor Boddy

                        January 22, 2004

                        (1) Vancouver housing towers (as referenced in the Rincon Hill Plan)
                        (Courtesy of San Francisco Planning Department)

                        Iconic Arcs: Jubilee Church by Richard Meier & Partners

                        红桃棋牌官网Rome: White concrete "sails" soar into a Roman neighborhood.

                        红桃棋牌官网by ArchNewsNow

                        October 23, 2003

                        Detail: Jubilee Church, Rome, Italy
                        (Andrea Jemolo)
                        Urban Aria: Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts by Diamond and Schmitt Architects

                        Toronto: The art and science of architecture fuse to create poetry of form.

                        by Effie Bouras, Assoc. AIA

                        红桃棋牌官网October 21, 2003

                        Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts scheduled to open in 2006
                        (AMD for Diamond and Schmitt Architects Inc. (c) 2003)

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