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                        Lesson Plan #3: Beauty and Sustainability in Architectural Education

                        红桃棋牌官网We were greatly heartened to see architecture students call for a curriculum change to address the social, political, and ecological challenges of our time, and we want to say something about how their proposals intersect with the work of the Building Better, Building Beautiful Commission.

                        红桃棋牌官网by Nicholas Boys Smith and Roger Scruton

                        红桃棋牌官网August 22, 2019

                        Sensitive architectural education with intellectual weight reflects adaptive architecture that evolved along with humanity itself.
                        (Nikos A. Salingaros)
                        Maestro, Please: Tanglewood, the summer home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra in the Berkshires, welcomes its first new facility in 25 years - to applause

                        红桃棋牌官网The Linde Center for Music and Learning, designed by William Rawn Associates Architects with Reed Hilderbrand

                        by Kristen Richards, Hon. AIA, Hon. ASLA

                        红桃棋牌官网August 1, 2019

                        Tanglewood's new Linde Center for Music and Learning is fronted by a majestic 100-year-old red oak tree.
                        (Kristen Richards)

                        Lesson Plan #2: A Time of Change

                        The coming technological changes in architecture will impose a full deconstruction of the way we educate architects.

                        by Duo Dickinson

                        红桃棋牌官网July 25, 2019

                        Sensitive architectural education with intellectual weight reflects adaptive architecture that evolved along with humanity itself.
                        (Nikos A. Salingaros)
                        Beginning the Bauhaus

                        "Bauhaus Beginnings" at the Getty Research Institute lives up to its name - it is so impressive that, after a preview tour, German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier wondered, "How can there be so much great Bauhaus material outside of Germany?"

                        红桃棋牌官网by Julie D. Taylor, Hon. AIA

                        July 11, 2019

                        6 images from “Bauhaus Beginnings”: Herbert Bayer (Austrian, 1900-1985). Postcard for the Bauhaus Exhibition of 1923. Lithograph. Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles (850513)
                        (©2019 Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York/VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn)

                        Lesson Plan #1 "Signs versus Symptoms": A Reply to the Open Letter from British Architecture Students Calling for Curriculum Change

                        Asking for radical reforms in architectural education, this courageous appeal could help this latest effort be taken seriously, and not simply dismissed, as previous cries for reform have been.

                        by Dr. Nikos A. Salingaros

                        July 10, 2019

                        Sensitive architectural education with intellectual weight reflects adaptive architecture that evolved along with humanity itself.
                        (Nikos A. Salingaros)
                        Aaron Betsky: Experiment and Experience at Taliesin - and Beyond

                        Architecture, according to Betsky, is everything that is about building or buildings: how we design, represent, and discuss them, what they mean, and how they act in our society.

                        by Effie Bouras, Ph.D.

                        红桃棋牌官网June 6, 2019

                        Taliesen West
                        (Andrew Pielage)

                        Martin Puryear ... artist, sculptor, and possibly architect?

                        The United States Pavilion at the Venice Biennale Arte 2019: "Martin Puryear: Liberty/Libertà"

                        by Johannes M.P. Knoops, Assoc. AIA, FAAR

                        May 30, 2019

                        Swallowed Sun (Monstrance and Volute), 2019. Southern yellow pine, steel, polyester, canvas, rope; Two parts, overall 22 ft. 8 in. × 44 ft. × 24 ft. 3 in.
                        (Joshua White – JWPictures.com)
                        Building Abundance #4: Abundance from Regeneration - Our Opportunity as Designers

                        红桃棋牌官网Design strategies that are driven by an understanding of place, community, and full intentionality can achieve abundance.

                        by Susanne Angarano, ASID, CID, NCIDQ

                        May 23, 2019

                        Google defines abundance as “plentifulness of the good things in life.”
                        (Ashley McGraw Architects)

                        Book Review on the Day of a Book Launch Party for nARCHITECTS

                        "Buildings and Almost Buildings - nARCHITECTS" by Eric Bunge and Mimi Hoang wryly showcases their journey to create "near buildings."

                        红桃棋牌官网by Norman Weinstein

                        May 21, 2019

                        “Buildings and Almost Buildings – nARCHITECTS” by Eric Bunge and Mimi Hoang
                        I.M. Pei, 1917 - 2019

                        红桃棋牌官网Pei was as urbane as his best buildings.

                        by Fred A. Bernstein

                        May 21, 2019

                        “If there’s one thing I know I didn’t do wrong, it’s the Louvre.” - I.M. Pei
                        (Fred A. Bernstein, circa 1989)

                        Best Bauhaus Books to Peruse During the Bauhaus Centenary

                        New publications offer invaluable biographical insights and contemporary global responses.

                        红桃棋牌官网by Norman Weinstein

                        红桃棋牌官网May 9, 2019

                        "Josef Albers: Life and Work"
                        (Thames & Hudson)
                        Design Thinking: A Guide to Creative Problem Solving for Everyone

                        红桃棋牌官网Three vignettes excerpted from the second part of "Design Thinking," Andrew Pressman's recently published book, which focuses on how design thinking is applied to real-life challenges.

                        by Andrew Pressman

                        红桃棋牌官网April 18, 2019

                        Building Abundance #3: Abundance in Architecture Starts with Abundance in Human Health

                        红桃棋牌官网Just as buildings became an incredible tool in the movement for environmental sustainability, they can and must become our greatest asset when it comes to human sustainability.

                        by Rick Fedrizzi

                        红桃棋牌官网April 4, 2019

                        Google defines abundance as “plentifulness of the good things in life.”
                        (Ashley McGraw Architects)
                        Deborah Talbot: Downtown is for People

                        An excerpt from Talbot's "Who the Hell is Jane Jacobs? And what are her theories all about?" (Bowden & Brazil, March 4, 2019).

                        by Deborah Talbot

                        March 14, 2019

                        “Who the Hell is Jane Jacobs? And what are her theories all about?” by Deborah Talbot
                        (Bowden & Brazil)

                        Winner and Finalists Announced in the "rise in the city" Design Competition for Affordable Housing in Lesotho, Africa

                        红桃棋牌官网The competition brief sought sustainable designs for a home that could be scaled up so that one family could add extensions, or be replicated as row housing.

                        红桃棋牌官网by gsqeg8w.icu

                        March 12, 2019

                        "rise in the city" competition winner: “Creating Spaces” by Tanmoy Dey (Bangladesh)
                        (Tanmoy Dey)
                        Raw Elegance in Black and White: Q&A with JoAnn Locktov

                        The editor and publisher of "Dream of Venice in Black and White" talks about her creative process and strategies in creating the third book in the "Dream of Venice" trilogy.

                        by Saxon Henry

                        红桃棋牌官网February 21, 2019

                        The ethereal cover of “Dream of Venice in Black and White,” photographed by Lisa Katsiaris.
                        (Lisa Katsiaris)

                        rise in the city 2018 Update: Student Designs for Affordable Housing in Lesotho Shine. A Few Prized Blocks Needing Sponsors Remain

                        Student designs for affordable housing in Maseru, Lesotho, Southern Africa, are in and - hot-off-the-press - winning designs will be prototyped!

                        红桃棋牌官网by gsqeg8w.icu

                        January 22, 2019

                        Block 028<br>Architect: Hermann Kamte, HKA | Hermann Kamte & Associates<br>Student: Simone Op den Kamp, Netherlands<br>SPONSORSHIP AVAILABLE
                        (rise International)
                        New Beginnings: Interview with Bernhard Karpf, FAIA, Managing Principal, Richard Meier & Partners Architects

                        RMP's leadership is working to restore the firm's reputation, managing ongoing projects, and the team's plans going forward.

                        红桃棋牌官网by Kristen Richards, Hon. AIA, Hon. ASLA

                        January 17, 2019

                        Xin-Yi Residential Tower, Taipei, Taiwan
                        (Richard Meier & Partners)

                        Book Review: "An Architectural Guidebook to Los Angeles: Fully Revised 6th Edition" by David Gebhard and Robert Winter

                        红桃棋牌官网Whether Los Angeles is more urbane, or simply more urban, the revised edition contains a new generation of public architecture, as well as the past editions' wealth of historic landmarks and buildings of cultural interest, or just curiosity.

                        红桃棋牌官网by Sam Hall Kaplan

                        红桃棋牌官网December 20, 2018

                        (Angel City Press)
                        Building Abundance #2: Three Keys to Abundant Design

                        Hint: Designing for less bad won't get us there. Aiming for abundant design requires seeing and working in new ways that are largely unfamiliar, challenging - but oh so worth it!

                        by Josie Plaut

                        December 20, 2018

                        Google defines abundance as “plentifulness of the good things in life.”
                        (Ashley McGraw Architects)

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