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                            Feature Articles -- Archive

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                        Beyond the Egg-crate Museum: Reflections on the Bloch Building

                        Q&A with Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art Director/CEO Marc Wilson re: life at Steven Holl Architects' Bloch Building - three years after opening.

                        红桃棋牌官网by Norman Weinstein

                        红桃棋牌官网January 19, 2010

                        The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art and Bloch Building
                        (Courtesy The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art)
                        Book Review: How to Make Versions of the Past Present: "Robert A.M. Stern Buildings and Projects 2004-2009"; Peter Morris Dixon, editor

                        红桃棋牌官网Stern might just be "the squarest of the hip, and the hippest of the squares." That might also imply that he is one of the sanest and happiest people in the profession. For that and more, this book warrants our appreciative attention.

                        红桃棋牌官网by Norman Weinstein

                        December 18, 2009

                        A Star is Reborn: Fox Oakland Theater and Oakland School for the Arts by Architectural Dimensions, ELS Architecture and Urban Design, and Starkweather Bondy Architecture

                        Oakland, California: A faded movie palace - and the surrounding neighborhood - gets a new lease on life.

                        by ArchNewsNow

                        December 10, 2009

                        The Fox Oakland opened in 1928
                        (David Wakely Photography)
                        Best Architecture Books of 2009

                        10 crucial volumes from the classic to the iconoclastic

                        by Norman Weinstein

                        December 9, 2009

                        “Urbanisms: Working With Doubt” by Steven Holl

                        WORDS THAT BUILD: Communicating Architectural Edges

                        红桃棋牌官网Tip #21: Write about meaningful circulatory patterns of light by personifying the interplay of architecture and light.

                        红桃棋牌官网by Norman Weinstein

                        红桃棋牌官网December 3, 2009

                        WORDS THAT BUILD: Offer an Opening Statement That Frames a Broad Vista

                        红桃棋牌官网Tip #20: The aim of an opening statement is to open a door to dialogue rather than to persuasively "hook" another into compliance with your message.

                        红桃棋牌官网by Norman Weinstein

                        红桃棋牌官网December 3, 2009


                        INSIGHT: Alignment: Sustainability and Historic Preservation

                        红桃棋牌官网Retrofitting existing buildings is a vital strategy for significantly reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions globally. To many, it is THE strategy.

                        by Elaine Gallagher Adams, AIA, LEED AP

                        红桃棋牌官网December 1, 2009

                        Book Review: "Gunnar Birkerts: Metaphoric Modernist" by Sven Birkerts and Martin Schwartz

                        A major architect in the history of Modernism finally receives recognition - and sundry asides about why Modernism never exited.

                        by Norman Weinstein

                        红桃棋牌官网October 30, 2009

                        Gunnar Birkerts: Metaphoric Modernist
                        (Edition Axel Menges)

                        Market Research Strategies in Uncertain Times #4: Client Research - The Secret to Turning Prospects into Clients

                        If you carry on a dialog from an informed position, you will project confidence and immediately earn a position of trust.

                        by Frances Gretes

                        红桃棋牌官网October 15, 2009

                        Eclectic Tech: Facebook Headquarters by Studio O+A

                        红桃棋牌官网Palo Alto, California: Employees were hands-on in designing the new HQ for the social media giant - and not everything is "Facebook blue."

                        红桃棋牌官网by ArchNewsNow

                        October 13, 2009

                        Facebook HQ façade
                        (César Rubio)

                        WORDS THAT BUILD: Communicate to Clients an Evolving Perspective Rather than a Fixed Clarity about Projects

                        红桃棋牌官网Tip #19: Choose words and phrases that depict your architecture as a mysterious promise, as well as a known product.

                        by Norman Weinstein

                        October 7, 2009

                        Copenhagen Design Week 2009: The focus was firmly on the local and national design community - and environmental sustainability

                        Diverse offerings demonstrated that while classic, mid-century modern Danish design is inspiring, it's in the past; a new generation is looking towards sustainable and human-centered designs

                        by Terri Peters

                        September 24, 2009

                        “It’s A Small World”: the exhibition presented Danish architecture, design, and craft in the context of sustainability and globalization.
                        (Terri Peters)

                        Book Review: "Urban Design for an Urban Century: Placemaking for People," by Lance Jay Brown, David Dixon, and Oliver Gillham

                        To the credit of the erudite authors, their sketch of urban design brings levels of political, sociological, and architectural analysis together in a readable synthesis.

                        红桃棋牌官网by Norman Weinstein

                        September 18, 2009

                        INSIGHT: Sustainability -- The Great Divide

                        红桃棋牌官网Do we nationalize and centralize sustainable policies or do we individualize and decentralize them?

                        by Richard Carson

                        红桃棋牌官网September 15, 2009

                        (University of Manitoba)

                        WORDS THAT BUILD: Introduce Words that "Float" into the Flow of Communications with Clients

                        Tip #18: Replace prescriptive words and phrases "etched in stone" with language reflecting a collaborative project in flux.

                        by Norman Weinstein

                        September 9, 2009

                        Market Research Strategies in Uncertain Times #3: Strategic Market Research - Preparing for the Rebound

                        红桃棋牌官网Are you ready for the rebound? Whether you are a sole practitioner or principal in a large firm, now is the time to sketch out your blueprint of where you are and where you want to go. The mechanism for determining these positions is the strategic plan.

                        by Frances Gretes

                        September 2, 2009

                        WORDS THAT BUILD: Work with Clients to Develop Plans That Place Human/Spatial Relationships First

                        红桃棋牌官网Tip #17: Shape dialogues with clients to catalyze designs promoting clear meanings of human relationships in proposed spaces.

                        红桃棋牌官网by Norman Weinstein

                        红桃棋牌官网August 4, 2009

                        HEAT Rises Down Under Despite the Economy:
                        Queensland's New Wave of Environmental Architects

                        by Debra Pickrel

                        July 30, 2009

                        Architectus: Queensland Gallery of Modern Art (2006), Brisbane
                        (John Gollings)

                        Book Review: "Everything Must Move: 15 Years at Rice School of Architecture 1994-2009"

                        红桃棋牌官网There’s a Texas flood of architectural ideas that gives ample evidence of an architecture school that unsettles pat assumptions. Who could ask for anything more?

                        by Norman Weinstein

                        红桃棋牌官网July 22, 2009

                        Market Research Strategies in Uncertain Times #2: Finding Leads

                        Finding leads that one can act on right away is a difficult task, especially during tough economic times, but these strategies can help.

                        红桃棋牌官网by Frances Gretes

                        红桃棋牌官网July 9, 2009

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