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                              Feature Articles -- Archive

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                          Book Review: "Post-Traumatic Urbanism," guest edited by Adrian Lahoud, Charles Rice, and Anthony Burke

                          红桃棋牌官网A collection of essays highlights the recognizable and unrecognizable shifts and changes in cities following both mad-made and natural disasters.

                          红桃棋牌官网by Dr. Anuradha Chatterjee

                          June 10, 2011

                          Book Review: Diving into Architecture from Every New Angle: Reading Guillevic's "Geometries"

                          红桃棋牌官网Why an obscure book of French poetry in a flashy translation goes to the heart of every architectural practice.

                          红桃棋牌官网by Norman Weinstein

                          红桃棋牌官网June 3, 2011

                          INSIGHT: Collaboration and Compromise: A Misunderstood Aspect of the Design Process

                          True collaboration is a symbiosis between the architect's design ideas, a project's setting, and the intentions of its users.

                          红桃棋牌官网by Peter Gisolfi, AIA, ASLA, LEED AP

                          June 1, 2011

                          At the Hackley School in Tarrytown, NY, the south-facing courtyard for play is surrounded by the single-loaded corridor so that the children are easily observed by the staff and other students.
                          (Robert Mintzes)
                          Book Review: Wake-up Calls for Color-Challenged Architects: Two recent books point the way to advanced imaginings of color

                          "Light Color Sound: Sensory Effects in Contemporary Architecture" by Alejandro Bahamon and Ana Maria Alvarez, and "Color Moves: Art & Fashion by Sonia Delaunay" edited by Matilda McQuaid and Susan Brown

                          红桃棋牌官网by Norman Weinstein

                          May 27, 2011

                          Light Color Sound: Sensory Effects in Contemporary Architecture

                          Book Review: "Immaterial World: Transparency in Architecture": Marc Kristal crystallizes increasingly complex notions of transparency with a light touch.

                          Although most of the 25 projects discussed are well-known, they take on additional meaning in this sensitively curated selection.

                          by Norman Weinstein

                          March 25, 2011

                          A Tale of Two Pools: Q&A with Paulett Taggart

                          It was the sunniest of pools, it was the foggiest of pools, but the architectural approach is similar: there is nothing unnecessary.

                          红桃棋牌官网by gsqeg8w.icu

                          March 23, 2011

                          Top: Sava Pool, San Francisco, by Paulett Taggart Architects in a joint venture with Mark Cavagnero Associates. Bottom: Calistoga Community Pool, Napa Valley, by Paulett Taggart Architects.
                          (Tim Griffith Photographer (top) / Bruce Damonte Photography (bottom))

                          One-on-One: Architecture as a Social Instrument: Interview with Bjarke Ingels of BIG

                          It is not for nothing that this young architect is referred to as the "Yes Man" with a willingness - and ability - to please just about everyone.

                          by Vladimir Belogolovsky

                          红桃棋牌官网March 1, 2011

                          Scala Tower, Copenhagen, Denmark: retail, a conference center, the new Main Library of Copenhagen, offices, a luxury hotel, and a public rooftop plaza
                          (© BIG)
                          Book Review: "Visual Planning and the Picuresque" by Nikolaus Pevsner. Edited by Mathew Aitchison

                          A rediscovered manuscript unveils a portrait of the famed architectural historian as neglected urban designer. His commitment to the picturesque aesthetic for buildings and towns is as urgently needed as ever.

                          by Norman Weinstein

                          红桃棋牌官网February 1, 2011

                          Designers of the Year: An Interview with Verda Alexander and Primo Orpilla of Studio O+A

                          红桃棋牌官网Today Contract magazine named Verda Alexander and Primo Orpilla of San Francisco's Studio O+A Designers of the Year. We caught up with them in their office before they headed east for the festivities.

                          红桃棋牌官网by ArchNewsNow

                          红桃棋牌官网January 28, 2011

                          KODE retail outlet
                          (David Wakely)
                          The Ten Commandments of Architecture

                          by Jim Childress, FAIA

                          红桃棋牌官网January 21, 2011

                          (Centerbrook Architects)

                          Book Review: How New Urbanism's Case Triumphs Best Through "The Language of Towns & Cities: A Visual Dictionary" by Dhiru A. Thadani

                          Thadani's oversized reference charms, infuriates, and enlightens.

                          by Norman Weinstein

                          January 14, 2011

                          Q&A with James Anderson, LEED AP re: Low Impact Development

                          LID is an alternative, cost-effective method for those who want to be sensitive to sustainability, but lack the resources to pursue LEED certification.

                          by ArchNewsNow

                          红桃棋牌官网January 11, 2011

                          Houston Community College’s Felix Fraga Campus: Pedestrian pathways and lighting along a bioswale, which collects and filters water on site before returning it to the stormwater system, makes it a landscape feature and not just an oversized drainage ditch.
                          (Llewellyn-Davies Sahni)

                          Book Review: Cities for People, by Jan Gehl

                          Copenhagen's urban-space guru explains the principles, practices, and priorities that make cities more livable - beginning, but not ending, with dethroning King Car

                          by Bill Millard

                          January 7, 2011

                          Best Architecture Books of 2010

                          红桃棋牌官网Ten books pointing the way to larger professional horizons

                          by Norman Weinstein

                          December 3, 2010

                          One-on-One: Putting Colors Together: An Interview with Will Alsop

                          For Alsop, it is the act of painting, the state of losing control - its imprecision and intuitiveness - that best define his initial vague intentions - and what ultimately brings him close to the mystery of inventing new architecture.

                          by Vladimir Belogolovsky

                          红桃棋牌官网November 30, 2010

                          Headingley Cricket Club Carnegie Pavilion, Leeds, UK (2010), by Will Alsop for Alsop Architects, part of the Archial Group
                          (Roderick Coyne)
                          A Meditation on the Beauty of Zaha Hadid's Door Handle

                          Hadid's design issues a challenge: define beauty by lyrically playing with illusion.

                          by Norman Weinstein

                          红桃棋牌官网October 28, 2010

                          ZH Door Handles, designed by Zaha Hadid with Woody K.T.Yao for Valli & Valli
                          (© Courtesy of Valli & Valli)

                          Book Review: The Architecture of Patterns, by Paul Andersen and David Salomon

                          A new book considers how the Modernist adage "form follows function" has stuck around in a whole new guise.

                          by Ann Lui

                          October 28, 2010

                          Book Review: "Architecture and Beauty: Conversations with Architects about a Troubled Relationship": Yael Reisner exuberantly interviews architects about beauty

                          红桃棋牌官网Any of you architects seen Mr. Keats Lately?

                          红桃棋牌官网by Norman Weinstein

                          October 12, 2010

                          Flex Space: AECOM Design + Planning Office by Michielli + Wyetzner Architects

                          The global firm gets a New York office that's as flexible as its corporate style - and LEED Gold to boot.

                          by ArchNewsNow

                          October 7, 2010

                          The skylit, multi-use conference room with sliding glass panels mounted with display boards in AECOM’s NYC office
                          (Alex Severin/Razum Media)
                          One-on-One: The Art of Ennobling Communities: Interview with Sara Caples and Everardo Jefferson

                          These architects have proven time and time again that architecture can transform reality and change attitudes.

                          红桃棋牌官网by Vladimir Belogolovsky

                          August 24, 2010

                          Queens Theater in the Park, Queens, New York, 2002-2010
                          (Nic Lehoux for Caples Jefferson Architects)

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