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                        Kristen Richards, Editor-in-Chief of gsqeg8w.icu, has provided an extraordinarily valuable service for everyone with a strong interest in the quality of our environment. In gathering for our awareness and convenience all the most important news and opinion from other websites, she has enabled all of us to be more educated and informed and reflective that we ever could have been without her help! God Bless ArchNewsNow!

                        William S. Saunders, Editor

                        Harvard Design Magazine

                        Harvard Design School


                        The ArchNewsNow daily newsletter is an excellent resource for those who like to keep up with the very latest, worldwide, in top-notch architecture and design, and criticism of such. The feature articles are especially good.

                        Society for College and University Planning (SCUP)


                        gsqeg8w.icu has become a part of my daily morning ritual along with

                        NYTimes.com and a cup of coffee. I particularly like gsqeg8w.icu's global

                        perspective and the wide range of links it provides to publications around the world.

                        Julio Braga


                        IA Interior Architects


                        What I like most about gsqeg8w.icu is the original articles/critiques which only appear on ANN. They are in depth, and often represent unusual points of view outside of the mainstream architectural media. It's like NPR's "all things considered" for architecture. Thanks for keeping such an interesting and ever changing spot on the web for architecture.

                        Mark McVay


                        SmithGroup, Inc.

                        Los Angeles


                        Just a note to let you know I read your e-mail nearly every day. It has become by primary source for news in the architecture and urban design community. Keep up the good work.

                        Randy Shortridge, AIA

                        Vice President

                        RTKL Associates


                        Haven't we got quite enough architectural news and feature compilations when we have the terrific daily news feed from gsqeg8w.icu?

                        Sutherland Lyall

                        Architectural Review (U.K.)


                        ArchNewsNow is an invaluable compilation of the latest and greatest in the world of architecture Ė I certainly don't have time to peruse all of those news sources, so I'm glad that they do!

                        Nancy McEvers Anderson, IIDA


                        IA Interior Architects


                        ArchNewsNow, to my mind, is the best architectural magazine in the world. It communicates a very distinctive, albeit U.S.-centric view of world architecture, simply through its selection of material. If you look at the world through even faintly rose tinted glasses, and I hope you do, then you will be better informed, and a better person, and a better architect, if you read ArchNewsNow or even better, do as I do, and subscribe to the daily newsletter

                        Frank Lowe, contributor

                        TAS / Archizine: The Architecture Show Magazine



                        With the many demands on my time, it is very hard for me to keep up-to-date with what is newsworthy, what is influencing industry trends, and who is making news in the design world. The information supplied to me daily by ArchNewsNow more than meets my needs for relevant information. What an invaluable tool it is in helping me not only make good business decisions, but also in helping me predict where we are going as a design community and how I can parlay that into a competitive advantage. Thank you very much for the great work you are doing, and I hope that you will be around for many years to come.

                        Anthony Rimore, Assoc. AIA


                        ArchNewsNow hasn't been around for that long [6+ years], but it is impossible to conceive of life without it. Such is its power that I drop everything the moment it arrives in my e-mail in-box each morning, and spend the next half-hour scrolling through the best and most comprehensive digest of architectural journalism and criticism I could ask for. Some of the pieces I would never see at all but for ArchNewsNow; others I might eventually come across, but never so promptly or so efficiently. I know I functioned as an architecture critic before ArchNewsNow, but I'm not entirely sure how.

                        Paul Goldberger

                        Joseph Urban Professor of Design, Parsons The New School School for Design

                        Architecture Critic, New Yorker magazine


                        Itís been said that the secret of success is knowing something nobody else knows. ArchNewsNow keeps me abreast of what is happening in architecture around the globe. Itís a must read for every successful architect.

                        Mark Strauss, FAIA, AICP

                        Principal, FXFOWLE Architects

                        2006 President AIA NY Chapter


                        I want to thank you for the invaluable service you provide through ArchNewsNow. Since becoming a subscriber, I look forward to the arrival every morning of the latest digested information about architecture from around the globe. Through your service I can keep up with events and cutting edge news in a way that can't be duplicated through any other resource. I'm entertained, better informed, and often inspired. Like that morning cup of coffee I don't know what I'd do without it.

                        Michael Tingley, AIA


                        boora architects

                        Portland, OR


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