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                          Get your message in front of industry leaders with gsqeg8w.icu—the website they can’t live without!

                          The ANN newsletter and website provide a concentrated audience of Architecture / Engineering / Construction professionals: The gsqeg8w.icu newsletter is e-mailed daily to over 16,000 subscribers, and the website has over one million hits per month.

                          ArchNewsNow daily newsletter delivers the very latest news stories, gleaned from sources around the world, involving architects, the design process, and the impact of both on the built environment. The ArchNewsNow home page offers a first look at international projects by established and up-and-coming architects and designers, along with observations and opinions written by industry leaders.

                          ANN has a broad international readership - the majority of subscribers are U.S.-based architects and other A/E/C industry professionals, leading national/international journalists, developers, and cultural/educational institutions.

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                          “It’s impossible to conceive of life without ArchNewsNow. I drop everything the moment it arrives in my in-box each morning. I know I functioned as an architecture critic before ArchNewsNow, but I'm not entirely sure how.”

                          —Paul Goldberger, Joseph Urban Professor of Design, The New School;Architecture Critic, The New Yorker


                          “ArchNewsNow keeps me abreast of what is happening in architecture around the globe. It’s a must read for every successful architect.”

                          —Mark Strauss, FAIA, AICP
                          Principal, FXFOWLE Architects, 2006 President AIA NY Chapter


                          “Through ArchNewsNow I keep up with cutting-edge news in a way that can't be duplicated through any other resource. I'm entertained, better informed, and often inspired. Like that morning cup of coffee I don't know what I'd do without it.”

                          —Michael Tingley, AIA
                          Principal, BOORA architects


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